Standing Up for Central Oregon Families

Geri is a native Oregonian, stepmom, and grandma. She’s not a politician with obligations to special interests. Geri’s a new voice for our community who understands the problems we face locally and will put Central Oregon first.

Getting Central Oregon’s Economy Back on Track

Central Oregon’s economy recently endured a severe boom and bust, and the economy continues to struggle today. While politicians in Salem bicker, our community is facing record numbers of foreclosures and unemployment.

Geri Hauser will stand up for Central Oregon families hit hardest by this recession, and will help make it easier for them to stay in their homes. Geri will support investments in small businesses right here, so that they can start hiring again.

By standing up for the middle class, Geri Hauser will help our region thrive and return to prosperity.

Making Health Care More Affordable

Rising health care costs are putting the pinch on Central Oregon’s small businesses. Geri will champion a proposal to allow our Attorney General to sue health insurance companies that commit fraud, and will demand accountability from insurance companies by making them justify their rate increases.

The Right Priorities

“It’s time our state focused on funding critical state services like education, public safety, and senior care. I’m not a politician, but I will stand up for everyday Oregonians and the small businesses that are the backbone of this community.” -Geri Hauser

Vote Geri Hauser for Oregon Senate!